Middle East Search-Rescue, Mountaineering, and Outdoor Sports Association (ORDOS) was founded in 1994 by the alumni of Middle East Technical University Mountaineering and Winter Sports Club (METU-DKSK) to improve and expand the technicalities of search-rescue, mountaineering, and outdoor sports activities in Turkey.

In the past 26 years since its establishment, ORDOS together with its sportswomen and sportsmen have accomplished numerous activities both within Turkey and abroad. The first Turkish team expeditions to the Himalayas was completed successfully by ORDOS. The association is the home to many sportswomen and sportsmen from various branches of outdoor sports, including the first Turkish female mountaineers to climb the Everest. ORDOS has been an active participant of both national and international trail running events with a growing popularity in the past few decades.

ORDOS is mostly concentrating on the search and rescue activities in the mountains and outdoor. However, ORDOS has attended search and rescue activities in some of the major natural earthquakes – Kocaeli and Düzce in 1999 and Van in 2011 - in Turkey. The association has also a K9 search team alongside with its rescue activities. ORDOS has the sole right to use Nevzat Öntaş Mountain House, open to all visitors, located in Aladağlar area. For more information, please visit: http://www.ordos.org.tr.